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Cauliflower Coral 150



Bring some ocean magic to your tank with these gorgeous faux corals! No harm to the delicate reef life, these fun finds are crafted with non-toxic materials and are perfect for all aquatic pals. Be a reef rockstar and make a responsible choice.

  • Eco-Friendly: Artificial cauliflower coral does not harm the environment or harm natural coral reefs.
  • Low Maintenance: Unlike natural coral, artificial coral does not require special care and maintenance.
  • Safe for Aquatic Life: Made from non-toxic materials, artificial cauliflower coral is safe for all types of aquatic life.
  • Realistic Appearance: The intricate details and lifelike appearance of artificial cauliflower coral enhances the overall beauty of your aquarium.
  • Long-Lasting: Artificial coral is more durable than natural coral and can last for years without needing to be replaced.
  • Made in the USA


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Our coral replicas are molded from the original coral to preserve the realistic shape and texture of the coral. Pocillopora meandrina, commonly known as cauliflower coral, is a species of coral occurring in the Indo-Pacific and Pacific oceans. This coral lives in shallow reef environments.  The colonies of Cauliflower Coral 150 can be fairly solid and dome-shaped or branching with areas that are either flattened and ridge-like or fine and convoluted. The colonies are covered by wart-like growths called verrucae. The colour ranges from brown to pink and the polyps with their extended tentacles are usually visible only at night.  P. meandrina occurs in the Indian and Pacific Oceans and is found across a range of habitats that include exposed reefs, protected lagoons and lower reef slopes.  Cauliflower Coral 150 is a hermaphrodite and each polyp contains four sets of male and four sets of female gonads. The larvae develop inside the body of the polyp and are not expelled into the water until they are mature. They remain free swimming for a number of weeks before settling and starting to build a hard matrix.   The polyps can also reproduce asexually by fragmentation. The polyps feed by capturing tiny prey with their tentacles. They also contain zooxanthellae, microscopic algae, which are able to photosynthesise. These symbionts produce energy-rich compounds which the polyps metabolise while the rigid structure of the shallow water coral provides a stable, well-lit, protective environment for the algae to flourish. Pocillopora is a genus of stony corals in the family Pocilloporidae occurring in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.  They are commonly called cauliflower corals and brush corals. Cauliflower corals are widespread and can be identified by the presence of wart-like growths on their surface. Each and every individual polyp has tentacles but these are normally extended only at night.

Weight 0.5625 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 5 in

Gold, Pink

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Gold Cauliflower Coral 150 Image - Creative Coral Design
Cauliflower Coral 150